Living the New Normal in Style: Custom Mask of Your Own Face


With face masks looking like they’re going to be a permanent part of future life – it’s not surprising that more and more people are finding innovative ways to design them. They’ve crossed the line between necessity and fashion statement – giving people additional reasons to actually wear them in public.

Custom “Face” Masks with Your Face

One of the coolest innovations for face masks today is having your own face printed onto the surface. That’s right – the actual portion of your lower face would be realistically printed onto the mask, creating a silhouette of the person underneath.

Some of the masks are so convincing that you’d actually think the person is not wearing any mask at first glance. Upon closer inspection however, the texture of the fabric becomes undeniable – thereby allowing you to still comply with the legal mandate on wearing a face mask in public.

Do the Masks Still Work?

Yes – the masks still work despite the uniqueness of the design. They’re actually made of cloth – the same material most masks today are made of. They’re completely washable with the design remaining on the surface, ensuring repeated use. The ease of washing the masks means it can be disinfected over and over again – greatly reducing the amount of trashed disposable mask in the dump.

The masks are also made of quality fabric and can be cut differently, depending on the preferences of the person wearing it. Hence, it can be looped around the ears in delicate strands, it could be large strands, the loop could be gartered, or perhaps even tied around the back of the head. There’s complete control there to guarantee comfort for the person eventually wearing the masks.


Why Get a Custom One?

With custom face masks available in practically any store today – why exactly would you order a “face” mask online? The reason can be deeply personal for the person placing the order. Maybe you just want to have fun with your mask or perhaps you want to make sure no one else uses the item – especially if you live in a large household. It’s also a good idea to have multiple ones and keep them in your bag, your home, your office, and other areas where you usually go. This way, there’s always a backup one to be used – and there’s no denying that the mask definitely belongs to you.

How it Works with Face Recognition

Now, if you’re using face recognition software to unlock your phone – these masks will definitely come in handy. Whether they can actually do the job remains to be seen, but there are actually face mask designs made specifically for face recognition. There are N95 masks in the market today that can work with face recognition software so that you don’t have to take it off whenever you want to unlock your mobile.

What About Other Mask Designs?

These actual face masks are often just one of the services offered by custom mask-making companies to meet the unique demands of the public. If you want an image of your face superimposed on the mask – all you have to do is send an image of your face and they’ll take care of the rest.

However, the fact is that not everyone wants this kind of face mask design. They want something with a more unique design, perhaps something flashy, or something that helps display their personality. Fortunately, other designs can be printed on the face mask – from cartoons, logos, quotes, and patterns. Customers can choose a free image they can find on Google and send that over to be printed. Note though we’re emphasizing the word “free” because some images online may not be used for mask purposes. You’d have to make sure these items are available for personal use.

At the end of the day – safety trumps fashion. It doesn’t matter what design of mask you’re wearing – as long as you’re wearing one that keeps you safe. However, there’s nothing wrong with upping the ante and using innovative and crafty masks that can help match your sense of fashion. At the very least, it can help make you feel better as you go about your day in the new normal.

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